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Snow Removal & De-Icing

Okay, granted.  We don’t usually get a lot of ice and snow, but when we do, you need it removed and quickly.  And not only from your driveway or walk.  Heavy snow or ice that remains on your landscaped areas can cause lasting damage.  You can call us when you need us, or contract with us to be there whenever the weather turns wicked.

Patrick Johnson Landscaping is available around the clock when you need snow removal services. From a single snow flake to a major winter storm we have the people, equipment, and materials in place to make sure your company is still operating efficiently no matter what the conditions are like outdoors.

We buy all our materials in bulk to ensure we have enough materials for even the worst winter. When others ran out of rock salt and ice melt a few years ago leaving their customers hanging we still had plenty!

Call us today for your snow removal needs in the Louisville area.

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