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Patrick Johnson: Owner & Founder

Before Patrick Johnson was out of middle school, he was running his own landscaping business.  He owned trucks he wasn’t yet old enough to drive.  Like most kids, there were things he wanted – video games, toys, the usual.  And like most kids, he had asked his parents for the money.  When they suggested he earn it, he took that suggestion to heart.

And not only did he accomplish that modest goal, he found his passion in life.  He’s been at it ever since.  Building the company, learning from experts, earning a degree, and paying his own way all the while.

Today, with crews at his disposal and a fleet of vehicles and equipment, he has become one of the premier landscaping specialists in the region.

The Team
Patrick Johnson Landscaping employs full time, uniformed professionals with a collective 46 years of experience in all phases of landscaping.  Fully insured and bonded.

Late Model well maintained vehicles.

Louisville’s Premier Landscaping & Tree Removal Company