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Landcape Design

CAD Drawings
Before breaking ground on any large or extensive product, you’ll get a clear idea of what it will look like, and have the opportunity to explore other possibilities

Finish Grading
We provide finish grading as the final preparation to ensure a smooth, debris free, well-drained, even surface prior to planting.

Steps, retaining walls, paving stone, woodwork trellises or other non-plant elements are key elements in a landscape and are defined as its hardscape.  We offer a wide selection of the finest materials across a range of prices and have extensive experience installing for both beauty and function.

The horticultural or living elements in your landscape – grass, ground cover, trees, shrubs and flowers – are the softscape.  We can help you design around your lifestyle, taking into account the viability of species in our climate, the maintenance required, and of course the aesthetics that will provide the perfect counterpoint to your hardscape.


Lawn Care

From Scratch or Patch
Whether you need to fill in some patches, reseed your entire lawn, or start fresh with new topsoil and grading, we’ll handle the process start to finish.  We’ll evaluate the situation and discuss the alternatives with you to get the results you want.   If need be, killing off weed growth, providing aeration, power seeding, and the proper time release fertilizers to get grass off to a good start. 



To keep your lawn green and healthy, we can provide scheduled maintenance to keep weeds and insects under control, de-thatching as needed, and timely fertilization cycles.



Plant Care

Trees, shrubs, flowers, ground cover, exotic grasses, whatever your landscape calls for, we can provide.  Plantings can fill many needs – aesthetics, personal expression, natural privacy, erosion control, and more.  We know just what will thrive (and what won’t) in our area.  We know what requires constant attention and what is low maintenance, and we’ll help you make the decisions that suit your taste and lifestyle.  And your property can go from barren to beautiful in a matter of hours.

Trimming & Shaping
Call on us to keep your softscape looking sharp or if you need branches trimmed away from structures or wires.

Leaf Removal
Big job for you, but a piece of cake for us.  When Autumn rolls around, you probably have better uses for Saturday and Sunday than raking and bagging or mowing and mulching.  Heck, you might even look forward to spending the weekend enjoying your yard instead of working in it.



Other Property Maintenance

Storm Clean-up
We have the manpower and machinery to make short work of the mess that storms sometimes leave behind.

Snow Removal & De-Icing
Okay, granted.  We don’t usually get a lot of ice and snow, but when we do, you need it removed and quickly.  And not only from your driveway or walk.  Heavy snow or ice that remains on your landscaped areas can cause lasting damage.  You can call us when you need us, or contract with us to be there whenever the weather turns wicked.


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